Handbuilding class for beginners and advanded with colorful techniques

Do you want to do pottery at home or are you interested in the meditative process of handbuilding?

This 5-Week-Class shows you different handbuilding techniques you can easily use at home. I show you how to create pinch pots, do slap building and decorate with engobes and non traditional nerikomi techniques.

You will learn how to color your clay and how to glaze your pieces.

The class takes place in small groups of four people.

Day 1 - Pinch pots, alter the shape to cup or bowl

Day 2 - Slap building using templates or work on free forms

Day 3 - Color clay and learn about traditinal and non traditional nerikomi techniques

Day 4 - Work with the techniques from the past weeks and prepare pots for bisque firing

Day 5 - Choose your glazes and learn how to apply them


The class will take place in my pottery studio at Genslerstraße 13, 13055 Berlin.


The classes are taught in German and English. I will instruct in the language that works best for everyone.


You can then pick up your ceramics about two weeks after your class! (I'll get in touch with you)


The studio is an adult learning space. Kids may join from 14 years old, but from 14 - 16 years old they must be under supervision of a parent.


You can cancel or rebook your class up to two weeks before the start of the class. Unfortunately, no refunds are possible less than 14 days before the class.